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How can we help?


  • Are you looking to improve your efficiency or productivity?

  • Do you want to find the root cause to a known issue in your process?

  • Do you want to introduce Lean Six Sigma as you know the importance of continuous improvement?

  • Would you like to have your processes documented so you can get benefits to your organisation?

  • If the answer to these is yes, click below to find out how JNBA can help you.


  • Are you considering changing systems but are unsure where to start?

  • You know you need to ensure the solution is fit for purpose but you are concerned you may invest in the wrong thing?

  • Are you ready to install a new system that will do everything you need?

  • Do you have another business project you would like a Business Analyst to support?

  • If the answer is yes, then find out how JNBA can help you by clicking below


At JNBA Consultancy,  we focus on two areas - Process Improvement and System Change. Both of which can improve company efficiency, productivity and potentially reduce cost.


Having worked on a multitude of projects across many different industry sectors, such as: Retail, Finance, Public Sector and Education, we bring a depth of experience that will enhance your business.

Trained  in Lean Six Sigma and BCS Business Analysis, we combine our tool kits so that we can help you to achieve your company objectives. 

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