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"A lousy process will consume ten times as many hours as the work itself requires" ~ Bill Gates

Working with you online or in person, we are able to offer you a bespoke experience to match your company goals; bringing you multiple business benefits.

For a complete process review, we would recommend the following 4 steps:

STEP 1: Scoping Exercise

STEP 2: Process Mapping/Data Analysis

STEP 3: Process Review/Improvement

STEP 4: Control Advice

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Scoping Exercise

It can be difficult to know where to start and finish when documenting processes as so many intertwine. 

Our Consultant will work with you to help identify processes and name them. When these are established, they can be aligned with the goals set in the consultation to filter on those that are required for documentation.


Process Mapping/Data Analysis

Bringing in a Process Consultant from JNBA Consultancy enables you to have a fresh pair of eyes review your processes and challenge points within it. 

To conduct a process review, they will first identify the key stakeholders who they need to work with.

Once identified, the Consultant will arrange workshops, interviews and/or observations with them, to fully understand the process. 

With their experience, our Consultants will provide a comfortable environment and working relationship with process users to ensure that they feel valued and confident to raise any issues they have with current processes which will help highlight any pain points. 

When the Consultant is ready, they will create process maps at the right level of detail, in an easy to read visual diagram. Several drafts may be tweaked following reviews by the users until they are signed off as a true reflection.

During this time, our Consultants will also gather important statistics and data that are relevant to the project, in order to understand data behaviour; identify improvement opportunities and predict future process performance.

If required, we can also help you to hear the voice of the customer, the voice of the process and the voice of the business to align all three.

For the purpose of a review, these documents can then be used for:

1. Highlighting waste - identifying bottlenecks, non value added tasks and inefficiencies

2. Clarification -  understanding how tasks are handled - most likely, you will be surprised by what you see!
3. Identifying Pain Points - these are areas causing issues and frustrations to the users that you may not be aware of

4. Focus - they can either confirm the areas that need attention or redirect the focus to a more problematic issue

5. VOC, VOP & VOB - we can document and present how the VOC (Voice of the Customer) corresponds to the VOP (Voice of the Process) and/or the VOB (Voice of the Business) 

Business Meeting

Process Review/Improvement

From the information gleamed during the process mapping/data analysis stage and once a decision has been made for the necessary changes, we will provide you with documentation to represent the 'To Be',

This can be used for the following:

1.  Training - Existing staff can understand how their process will change and new employees can use the documentation to ensure consistency

2. Repository - Having a repository acts as a security, enabling processes to continue if an employee leaves or someone has an unplanned absence

3. Processes will be streamlined- no more waste and more efficient/effective

4. Reduction in deviation - consistency in output of a process

5. Customer retention - happy customers mean repeat business!

Control Advice

The effectiveness of a good process relies on control to ensure that the new process doesn't revert to old ways

At JNBA, we will ensure that measures and tools are in place to monitor new processes, and that roles and responsibilities are clear.

We will work with you to ensure that we create and implement a process monitoring mechanism to monitor and control the process(es) and, alongside a lessons learned exercise, will complete a full handover to the Management Team

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