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Goods In Project Case Study

If you're considering engaging one of the highly qualified and experienced business consultants from JNBA consultancy, you probably want to see cold, hard FACTS about the impact we could have on your business. Director Julie Neale has shared a case study of a recent goods-in project that she carried out for a client. 

Following a FREE trial with JNBA Consultancy to see how we could help their organisation, the client wanted to make some improvements to increase efficiency.

To summarise: Our project focused on effectiveness, technology and efficiency. We were able to increase performance by between 23% and 56% in all areas. 

In this post, we look at those results in more depth. Including: 

- Project objectives

- Targeted areas

- A drill down into timings before and after our improvements

- Insights provided by the data

Get in touch for a complimentary consultation to see if we could do the same for your organisation. 

Text: Goods-in case study written across a background image of Julie, business analyst and lean six sigma expert

About the project 

When our client noticed that the goods-in aspect of their business was not running as efficiently as it could be, they approached JNBA Consultancy to look into it. Having worked with director Julie Neale in the past, the client knew they could rely on JNBA's team of process improvement specialists to analyse what was going on in this aspect of the business and suggest practical improvements to help the team to save time. 

Case study objectives 

When a JNBA consultant takes on a project, the first step is to identify the client's objectives. These are carefully defined before the consultant starts to document processes.  If it's not clear in your mind what you want to achieve, our experienced process improvement specialists will work with you to set the parameters of the task. In this case, the client had a very clear idea of what they hoped to achieve. Namely: 

1. Improve efficiency: Review procedures to pinpoint inefficiencies, challenges, and underlying causes

2. Improve management of delivery: Understand ways to enhance delivery management to avoid delays, defects and excessive space occupied by numerous boxes. 

Text image white writing on blue background: Project objectives: Improve efficiency. Review procedures to pinpoint inefficiencies, challenges and underlying causes. Improve management of delivery. Understand ways to enhance delivery management to avoid delays, defects, and excessive space occupied by numerous boxes.

Targeted areas 

By delving deeper into the client's must-have outcomes, our consultant was able to clearly define which elements of the goods-in process needed work. Three areas were identified and it is useful to take a look at how each of those improved as a result of this project. 

1. Effectiveness

Enhancing communication between the departments and relevant documentation has elevated overall performance and satisfaction. 

2. Technology

Using current technology to organise inbound deliveries and enforcing a delivery booking process has contributed to structuring Goods In. 

3. Efficiency

Streamlining operations has resulted in faster delivery times and increased productivity. 

Text image - white text on blue background: Targeted areas: Effectiveness, technology, efficiency

Timings before and after 

The goods in process within this organisation could be measured with reference to the time it was taking each staff member to process pallets and boxes. By carefully monitoring these timings before and after a Lean Six Sigma analysis, it was possible to definitively measure the improvements made. 

This is can be seen visually by reference to the below charts. 

Charts depicting Sam's pallet timings before and after process improvements made by JNBA consultancy

Charts depicting Sharon's pallet timings before and after process improvements made by JNBA consultancy

Charts depicting Sam's box timings before and after process improvements made by JNBA consultancy

Charts depicting Sharon's box timings before and after process improvements made by JNBA consultancy

Insights provided 

When you work with JNBA consultancy, we will explain every step of the process to you, including the impact of the project. In this case, the sample size comparison was different, which may somewhat skew figures. However, the data speaks for itself in terms of process improvements. 

- Sam's average time for processing a pallet started off at 85 minutes and is now down to 47 minutes. An increase in performance of 45%.


- Sam's average time for processing a box was 22 minutes and it is now down to 17 minutes. A performance increase of 23%. 

- Sharon's average time for processing a pallet was 154 minutes and she is now averaging 67 minutes. This is a performance increase of 56%. 

- Sharon's average time for processing a box was 42 minutes. She is now averaging 32 minutes per box. An increase in performance of 23%. 

Additional observations

On looking at the data in isolation, it would be easy to assume that Sharon was simply slower at doing her job than Sam. However, JNBA consultants always look deeper into any anomalies. 

Upon further analysis, it became apparent that Sharon is being interrupted by Fork Lift requests. This potentially accounts for her taking longer on the process. Additionally, Sharon had complex orders to process that we were able to simplify for her using some quick process changes.

As you can see from the charts, a few deliveries are still falling outside of the standard deviation (expected fluctuations). Our consultant feels that it would be useful to analyse these areas individually to understand how they could be improved further. 

Would other organisations have the same results?

This case study is given for demonstrative purposes only. If the same brief was provided within a similar organisation, the chances are the project would take a different course. 

Each business will have their own pain points and objectives. These set the route for any process review, since we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke experience that fully matches your company goals. 

To discuss your individual requirements in a FREE introductory consultation, drop us a message today. This initial meeting is an opportunity to discuss your objectives so that we can explain how we can help you to achieve them.

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