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Why use JNBA Consultancy for your business analysis?

Updated: Apr 7

You're probably here because you want to streamline your business processes and increase efficiency. Or perhaps you're ready for a system upgrade and want to ensure it will be fit for purpose. Either way, JNBA Consultancy can help. But why use us rather than an agency or competitor? We caught up with JNBA founder Julie Neale to find out what JNBA's USP is, and why they're a great choice for your organisation.

Thanks very much for agreeing to chat to us Julie. To start off with, what is JNBA Consultancy's USP?

I would say consistency and continuity. Let's face it, when companies are looking at getting someone into their business, they want someone that they can trust to integrate easily, get up to speed quickly and deliver results. Whether that's for process review and improvement or for gathering IT requirements.

We have consistently delivered projects for our clients, and because they know that they can rely on us, they keep coming back. When they pick up the phone, they know that we can help them to achieve their goals.

You mentioned process review. How do you manage to review processes within an organisation as an external consultant?

When we document a process, we work closely with the user. We ensure that they feel really comfortable and they understand what we're doing and the reason why. Through experience, we use the right questions to help identify what the steps are in the process, to get them to think about why they carry them out. We create a really relaxed environment so that they feel comfortable that they can share any complications that they find when carrying out tasks.

Then, after careful analysis, we are able to provide a visual diagram along with any suggested improvement that will increase efficiency or reduce cost to the business.

What is requirements gathering in relation to systems analysis?

To summarise, requirements gathering is when one of our consultants works closely with your business to help you identify what you need from a new system. We have seen it so many times when a company has decided to purchase something off the shelf without really understanding what their processes are and what they actually need from it. And this results in them spending a lot of time and money, changing their processes to fit the system or worse still, having to change the system as it wasn't fit for purpose.

We help to stop that. We work with you to help identify exactly what you need and ensure that you are going to get a system that matches your business objectives.

Julie from JNBA Consultancy standing in front of a white board that displays a business process map

Thank you Julie. That gives us a great overview of the fantastic work that JNBA does to help organisations with their systems and processes. Lastly, can you please tell us a bit about your background as a business analyst?

I started my business analysis career many years ago working with the local authority. Following on from there, I have worked with the financial sector, education and retail. I have worked on large, multi-million pound projects and smaller departmental projects.

Some examples are HR systems, payroll, merchandising and e-commerce. I love what I do, and it's exciting to start a new project to see it come all the way to fruition. And I still today get a thrill out of showing companies how we can help them to become even better than they are today.

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